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Welcome to Advanced Techniques Massage Therapy

With Dean Soupal’s credentials and style of human touch and communication, you could experience long-lasting relief for: Back Pain Fibromyalgia Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Cervical Pain Neurological Dysfunction Occupational Injuries Restriction of Motion Neuropathy Anxiety and Depression Headaches . Read more ...

Dean Soupal, CMT, NMT, AMTA, is a highly trained and highly skilled massage therapist with an impressive educational background. With over 15 years of clinical experience, Dean prides himself on utilizing superior manual therapy techniques based on anatomy and physiology of the human body. Dean’s immense clinical knowledge and advanced techniques will help you with proven manual therapy methods, providing positive clinical outcomes. Dean’s approach treats the entire myofascial system, eliminating the pressure on the mind/body complex. Individuals from all over the country have experienced relief from chronic pain when medicine, surgery, or traditional therapy did not produce the desired results.


“At the time of my shoulder injury, I was owner of eight Subway restaurants. I became unable to move my arm which greatly interfered with my ability to do my job well. After 8 years of therapy sessions which brought few results, I had a session with Dean. After just this one session with Dean I regained complete use of my arm. The myofascial technique brings recovery – Dean’s a miracle worker!”

Linda Stewart
Lansing, Michigan